Our Adoption Journey - Vietnam

Join my husband and I on our journey to adopt our first child. We have chosen Vietnam for many reasons - but mainly because they are supposed to have short wait times for referral and travel.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

6 Months Ago Today...

Six months ago today my husband and close friends welcomed Ian and I home from the longest, most excrutiating time in VN (for those who don't know, we set out for VN to adopt another child, but after spending 1 month with him we gave him back to his birthmother - then we were blessed with Ian!!!). I still get emotional thinking about seeing David again after being separated under such difficult times! It was such an incredible feeling to be able to introduce Ian to many of the people who prayed so hard with us that we would be able to bring him home!!

I can't believe that we have had him for only 6 months!!! I can't remember our lives without him!!! He has changed and developed so much over these past six months! Since we have had him he has learned how to crawl, and just began walking 2 weeks ago. He now has 6 teeth and is trying to push 2 more through! We have stopped giving him formula and have started giving him whole milk using a sippie cup. He has discovered how to say "uh-oh" and waves bye. Everday his personality shines through even more than the day before! He is still happy most of the time - but lets us know very quickly if he is upset about something!!!! We absolutely love him more than we ever thought possible, and are still falling more in love with him everyday!!!

However, today I have been thinking about our time in VN when we first met him. We were still trying to disassociate ourselves from the other child that we fell in love with when we first saw his referral picture - and trying to allow ourselves to fall in love with this new child that God had so graciously blessed us with! I will never forget seeing Ian for the first time... the nanny place him in my arms and he smiled at me and immediately and patted my arm!! I think that it was that moment that I knew that he was my child. My husband kept warning me not to get too attached until we knew he would be ours for sure - but I knew at that moment it was going to happen and he had been waiting for us!!!! I read stories before we traveled about people who become instantly attached when meeting their child and I was praying that it would be the same for me, but it didn't happen when I held our original child. I didn't let on that I felt that way because I was ashamed of it, little did I know what would happen down the road. When I held Ian, I knew he was ours! Everything we went through led us to Ian, though I would never want to relive having to give Brenden back after being with him for a little over 1 month and then David leaving to go back to work 2 days later. I am so incredibly thankful for the journey to Ian because it makes me cherish him even more!

I have not shared any pics of us in VN with Ian, but I felt that today I should share some special pictures of us with Ian in VN - and some special family pics!

The first time we met Ian!

Ian and I at the G&R with the orphanage director

Our first family photo taken at the airport after we got off the plane.

Ian's announcement

Our first formal family photo.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Charlie - Ian's best friend!

This is when Ian first met Charlie - he was not too fond of him!

Charlie is trying to get Ian to play with him - We had Ian for about 1 month when this picture was taken.

Now you can see they are best of friends!!!

Ian has become OBSESSED with our 130 lb. yellow lab - Charlie. Ian used to let me rock and snuggle with him in the mornings and after naps. Now - he fusses until Charlie comes in the room with us,or I take him out into the den to see Charlie! Once he sees him, he lets out a HUGE squeal! He follows him around all day! The other day, Charlie was trying to find a place to "hide" his bone and Ian kept following Charlie around - finally Charlie looked at me with a look like he was trying to say "mom, can you please help me out here". Ian constantly is laying his head on Charlie's belly while he is laying down, and uses him as a "slide" - crawling up one side of him and sliding down the other. Ian has recently been trying to "feed" Charlie all of his toys and dies laughing when Charlie puts them in his mouth.

It is a good thing that Charlie is so good-natured! I think most dogs would have gotten annoyed by now, but good ole Charlie just lays there and licks Ian - when Ian is sitting still enough to let him. My husband and I enjoy watching them play together!! I think we are in for a lifetime of dogs in our household - and we couldn't be any happier with that!

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Happy Easter everyone!

I hope that everyone has had a great Easter!!!! We have had a GREAT time this Easter (despite the cold weather) celebrating with Ian!! it is true that children change EVERYTHING - for the better! Today my husband and I were sitting at the same restaurant that we went to last year talking about how different things are this year! This time last year we had just sent off our completed dossier to our agency to send to VN! Boy, what a difference a year makes!! Thank you Lord for this blessing you have given us!!!

Here are some pictures that we took of Ian today at the Easter Egg Hunt the restaurant had (I have finally figured out how to put pics of my post!!!)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Life is Amazing!

Yes, it makes me nervous to say this - because usually there is a storm around the bend! However, I must say that life at our house is pretty dog-gone good!!!

I absolutely ADORE being a mom! It can get pretty hairy at times - but I truly believe that this is my calling in life! I have never felt more fufilled!

Ian is doing well - but he is sick right now! I started back to work 2 weeks ago, part-time. I guess I have the best the of both worlds because his daycare is in the building I work in and I can check on him at anytime. I miss him when he is there, butI think it will be good for him to be with other children. Now we are just dealing with being sick every few days until he builds up his resistance. We have a doctor's appt. today - so hopefully they can give him so medication!

Ian grows and progresses each day! He is pulling up on everything and scoots around as he holds on. If I try to hold his hands for him to walk - he can't figure out what to do with his feet. So - I think it will be a few weeks or so before he takes his first step. He is still only saying "dadadadada". But, believe me, I am in NO hurry for him to begin walking or talking. I am enjoying watching him crawl everywhere!

Ian is qucickly becoming a daddy's boy. I am not sure what to think about this. I am glad he is growing attached to David, but I miss him only wanting me! He still looks for me whenever anyone else is holfding him - but his eyes light up when they see my husband! I think Ian really enjoys playing trucks with David. I told David that I need a little girl to play princess with - there is just too much testosterone in this house!

I know this might sound crazy considereing everything we went through to get Ina, but I am ready to start again for a girl! David says we have to wait alittle bit and save some money up frst, but I am hoping to begin the process soon!

Anyway, I will stop rambling! I am sorry that I haven't written in so long - time just seems to escape me now! Congrats to everyone who has gotten referrals or travel approvals!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Birthday Pictures!

Hi all!!

I finally have some pictures of Ian's 1st birthday to show. Sorry it has taken me soooo long to get these to you! I hope you enjoy them!!

By the way, Ian had his first surgery today! He did great! All the nurses at the hospital just oohed and aahed over how cute he is - of course his dad and I just ate that up!! He has been kind of out of it today due to the anesthesia - but we are hoping that tomorrow he will feel better. I am just glad it is over - of course - now we have to dress his wound, which is not fun! he should be feeling back to normal in a week or so!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Settling In

Well, we are really starting to feel like a settled family now! Ian just loves David! In fact, when David walked in from work last night Ian let out a HUGE squeal. We just both died laughing! My husband had a bad day at work and I told him that Ian's reaction to him should make him feel SOOOO much better!

I have FINALLY gotten Ian on a nap schedule. He is sleeping for 45 minutes in the late morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. It is great for him because he is back to the well rested, sweet boy that I had in VN. And, it is great for me because I actually have enough energy to stay up and spend some time with my husband after he goes to bed!

Ian is eating GREAT!! I will be interested to see how much he has gained when he goes back to the doctor for his 2nd set of shots. I made an appt. yesterday with a dietician to make sure that everything is ok with Ian - but I can't get in until the end of March!! I guess I will just wing it unitl then!

Being a mother is the best job in the world. For a while I thought that I would not get that chance - which makes my time with Ian even more special! God chose just the right child for us! I look at him in amazement sometimes because I can't believe that he doesn't have our DNA running through him. He is soooo much like David and I - it is really amzing!!!!! God is GREAT!

By the way, here are some pictures from his dedication at church on Sunday. It was very emotional for me - but Ian just smiled and kicked his legs the whole time. He kept everyone in stitches.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Finally - Pictures of Ian

Hi everyone!
I am sorry that I have been so slow in getting pictures of Ian to you. I am still trying to figure out how to add pictures to the blog - but I think I have figured it out! Next, we will work on video!
Ian is changing soooo much everyday that I wanted to get some pictures on here before he changes even more! I hope you enjoy them. They are from the day we got home until now. You might be able to see how much he has grown in just 1 month! ENJOY!